Addictive Roads

Nomad ..belongs to nowhere still everywhere

By Desire

I have read this on first day in a fitness center. For success you only need one thing and that is “Addiction”. Most of the times addiction is been consider as bad but if see all the successful or happy people, they have one thing in common and that is addiction towards what they do. I travel so for me roads seem to be addictive. Once you inhale the fresh air you can’t live in closed luxury anymore. Once you felt the sense of freedom, nothing can bind you again. Once you know how big horizon is you don’t want to stick on one place. And yes that’s how my journey started to explore the unexplored soil and sun.

And it’s not just about me, This itch to explore , to do something new, to learn something new and wake up every morning with a mesmerizing view kept us alive. Just think for a minute if no one thought to cross a river or sea to know whats there on another bank or shore, we still have a thought that earth is square and there is no life beyond our villages or towns. This curiosity to know more and to explore more keep us alive and when I say alive, life itself means moment.

What travel taught me in ten years I guess no school or university can teach you? When you travel and visit new places you see different shades of life and understand most of things which are our priorities for others they are necessity or for some they are not even a requirement . You only learn languages in school but while encountering with different cultures and lives you actually start to learn how to talk. Drawing a waterfall or hut by imagination is fun but encountering with them in real is life.

Most of us think that travelling is tough or expensive or hectic. But is not apply to our daily life as well. What is easy is not worth it. Little bit of struggle make our life more flavoured like spices in our food.

After visiting so many landscapes one thing i realised, the more roads looks tough and hard to cross understand one thing, once you cover the distance view will be breathtaking and that one thing which inspired me to take off road trips. Trips which not only take you to the destination but make journey unbelievable . your eyes encounter something which can not be justified even with the best camera lens. So here is tips tricks and inspiration for all those people who have that passion to travel and see the world.

We all have that one thing which keep driving us to reach a point where we can feel content. But most of the times we ignore that drive and keep running for things which looks necessity or luxury and we never look back to find our own content life.Most of the times we try to find happiness rather then being happy. That one thing in learned in all these years. If you want destination should be worth travelling then make your journey memorable.


Comfort zone make us weak and stop us to think or go beyond our cozy bed or air-conditioning room. But remember ships are safe on harbours but that’s not they are meant for. So if you really want to live and feel the every scent of life they break that comfort zone, look around and feel the breeze.

Keep travelling. Keep exploring 

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